Carolyn Lydick vs. Steve Lydick, Nov. 15, divorce decree.

Charlotte Murphy Ault vs. Thomas Michael Ault, Nov. 15, divorce decree.

Wendy M. Roberts vs. Keven F. Roberts, Nov. 21, divorce decree.

James A. Kalivas vs. Richi L. Kalivas, Nov. 22, divorce decree.

Carl Devon Hatch vs. Melissa Janelle Hatch, Nov. 22, final divorce decree.

Ethan Jay Thomas vs. Jocelyn Zaragoza, Nov. 27, stipulated divorce decree and order to withhold income for child support. Thomas was ordered to pay $374 per month child support and $100 per month toward arrears.

Kristanna Lynn Mortensen vs. Zane Matthew Mortensen, Nov. 27, stipulated judgment and divorce decree.

Ann Marie Fear vs. Jay Terry Fear, Nov. 28, divorce decree.

Thomas Craig Hunt vs. Danasia Shiann Hunt, Nov. 29, divorce decree.

Logan Bailey Floyd vs. Shannen Mishelle Pate-Floyd, Dec. 11, stipulated judgment and divorce decree.

Trista Mandragon vs. Marc Mandragon, Dec. 12, divorce decree with minor children.

Charles Tetteh vs. Carissa Webb Tetteh, Dec. 12, divorce decree.

Maria Fowkes Wilkey vs. Chadwick Louis Carribou, Dec. 15, stipulated divorce decree.

Jeremy C. Reed vs. Sarah Rodda, Dec. 18, divorce decree.

Nina M. Lloyd vs. Larry S. Lloyd Jr.  Dec. 18, divorce decree with minor children and order for income withholding.

Farouk Sazah vs. Ashley Sazah, Dec. 18, divorce decree.

Ellena Phyllis Martinez vs. Max Richard Martinez, Dec. 22, divorce decree.

Brandy Moore vs. Dewain Moore, Dec. 27, divorce decree.

Kolby R. Darlington vs. Joanna LaDean Ross, Jan. 3, divorce decree.

Shannon L. Vasseur vs. Amanda H. Vasseur, Jan. 3, stipulated divorce decree and property settlement agreement.

Melissa R. Chaougi vs. Driss Chaougi, Jan. 3, divorce decree.

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