Johnetta Darlene Mancuso vs. Matthew Charles Mancuso, July 25, divorce decree.

Mezzalina Dejongh vs. Lance Bauer, July 25, divorce decree.

Christina N. Main vs. Adam R. Main, July 28, divorce decree.

Deborah L. Nate vs. Brady R. Nate, Aug. 22, divorce decree. Brady Nate was ordered to pay $400 per month child support.

John Mayo Grossnickle Jr. vs. Laura Elaine Grossnickle, Aug. 22, divorce decree.

Allison Faure vs. Thomas Faure, Aug. 9, divorce decree.

Brandy Lee Thornhill vs. Kevin A. Thornhill, Aug. 29, divorce decree.

Aaron A. Spiker vs. Donnah M. Spiker, Aug. 29, divorce decree.

Ashley Wright vs. David W. Hague Jr., Aug. 30, divorce decree.

Mary Elizabeth Davidson vs. Michael Arron Davidson, Aug. 31, divorce decree.

Kristy Hodder vs. James Hodder, Sept. 1, default divorce decree with minor children.

Sandra Lee Mosbey vs. Ryan Michael Mosbey, Sept. 5, divorce decree.

Kristin Rankin vs. Dallas Rankin, Sept. 5, divorce decree and child custody, visitation and support. Dallas Rankin was ordered to pay $592 per month child support and $100 per month toward arrears.

Shannon Dawn Kontz vs. Todd Michael Kontz, Sept. 6, order modifying decree of divorce. Todd Kontz was ordered to pay $$700 per month child support.

Lauren Broomhall vs. Gavin Broomhall, Sept. 6, divorce decree.

Stephanie Carol Fail vs. Aaron Vaughn Fail, Sept. 7, divorce decree with minor children.

Jill L. Schmidt vs. Douglas A. Schmidt, Sept. 7, divorce decree.

Emily Christine Iris Denman vs. Dalton Spencer Denman, Sept. 7, default judgment and divorce decree and order to withhold income for child support. Dalton Denman was ordered to pay $250 per month child support and $100 per month toward arrears.

Sharon Starr Sloan vs. Fredrick Matthew French, Sept. 8, divorce decree. French was ordered to pay $750 per month child support.

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