Brad Lee Byerly vs. Cherie Yvette Byerly, June 29, order modifying divorce decree in regard to child support and income withholding order. Brad Byerly was ordered to pay $690 per month child support and $100 per month toward arrears.

Jesse C. Rivera vs. Dennis Rivera, June 29, default judgment and divorce decree. Dennis Rivera was ordered to pay $1028 per month child support.

Deeann Young vs. Cameron Paul Young, July 5, divorce decree and income withholding order. Cameron Young was ordered to pay $710 per month child support.

Kevalin Skorcz vs. Adam Skorcz, July 5, divorce decree. Adam Skorcz was ordered to pay $50 per month child support.

Heather Renae Hawkins vs. James Stanley Hawkins, July 6, default divorce decree. James Hawkins was ordered to pay $634 per month child support.

Melissa Rice-Carter vs. Donald S. Carter, July 6, divorce decree.

Michael D. Whitcher vs. Stephanie K. Whitcher, July 6, divorce decree.

Salomon Corona vs. Karen E. Corona, July 6, order entering judgment and divorce decree nunc pro tunc.

Jeremy Joseph Salazar vs. Gabriella Selene Garcia, July 7, stipulated divorce decree.

Abbie Lorraine Domson vs. Jeremy Duane Domson, July 7, divorce decree.

Mireya Chacon vs. Hector F. Chacon, July 7, divorce decree.

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