Michael Torimino vs. Candy Torimino, Jan. 10, decree of divorce.

Hannah Hoffman vs. Dillon McCoy, Jan. 11, decree of divorce.

Dorrie Ella Manske vs. Rodney Layne Manske, Jan. 15, decree of divorce.

Marguerite M. Curtis vs. William L. Curtis, Jan. 17, decree of divorce.

Ilona Vanderstraten vs. Charles H. Lynes, Jan. 17, decree of divorce.

Jordan Marsh vs. Shaunda Marsh, Jan. 18, decree of divorce with minor children.

Brandon James Steele vs. Jamie Lee Rodgers, Jan. 23, decree of divorce.

Laura M. Montes vs. Jose Montes, Jan. 25, final decree of divorce.

Christian W. Chiaretta vs. Tamara Jean Chiaretta, Jan. 25, decree of divorce.

Amy G. Killett vs. Thomas Killett, Jan. 29, stipulated decree of divorce.

Karin Elizabeth Sanders vs. Jason Samuel Sanders, Feb. 1, default judgment and decree of divorce.

Richard Clement vs. Jacqueline Clement, Feb. 1, default decree of divorce.

Earl Hemmert Jr., vs. Autumn D. Johnson, Feb. 1, decree of divorce.

Brittany Ca vs. Vladimilson Ca, Feb. 1, decree of divorce.

James Duane Crisler vs. Tracy Lee Crisler, Feb. 4, stipulated order to modify divorce decree.

Kenneth Herman Johnson vs. Ashley Johnson, Feb. 6, decree of divorce.

Amanda E. Smith vs. Michael Joseph Smith, Feb. 6, default decree of divorce.

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