Esta L. Bosch vs. Lawrence A. Bosch II, June 5, divorce decree.

Daniel T. Meronk vs. Heather M. Meronk, July 9, divorce decree.

Jeiremy Michail Gomez vs. Emily Joy Gomez, July 10, divorce decree.

Jeremy Allen vs. Alison Allen, July 11, stipulated judgment and divorce decree.

Jace E. Stevenson vs. Amber N. Stevenson, June 11, amended divorce decree.

Elvis Ntwalli Nkezabahizi vs. Amber Leigh Marie Richno, June 11, default judgment for divorce.

Erika Iris Short vs. Ernest Luke Short, July 11, divorce decree and income withholding order.

Melissa Garris vs. Jonathan Earl Garris, July 11, divorce decree.

Leilani Heras Chavez vs. Joshua Scott Wilkey, July 12, default judgment and divorce decree.

Seth Jason March vs. Venica Lorraine March, June 15, redacted default judgment and divorce decree.

Tylon M. Ludwig vs. Rebecca M. Ludwig, July 16, divorce decree with minor children

Nicholas M. Ellis vs. Emily Ellis, June 18, divorce decree.

James Bryan Cunningham vs. Tiffany Renee Cunningham, July 18, divorce decree.

Kyle Steven Koritnik vs. Alana Marie Koritnik, June 19, divorce decree.

Amber Pavlova vs. Alexey Pavlov, July 20, redacted final divorce decree.

Gary Donald Hodges vs. Becky Lynn Hodges, July 23, divorce decree.

Amber M. Thompson vs. Korey L. Thompson, July 23, divorce decree and income withholding order.

Tessa Claire Rice vs. Benjamin L. Rice, July 24, order modifying divorce decree.

David Martin vs. Cynthia Martin, July 25, order for default divorce decree and child custody, visitation, and support nunc pro tunc

Shayn Henry Stillson vs. Jessica Lynn Williams, July 26, divorce decree.

Trinity Star Sing vs. James Edward Sing, July 26, stipulated divorce decree.

Joseph Ralph Lopez vs. Brandi Marie Lopez, July 27, stipulated judgment and divorce decree.

Robert David Higbee vs. Zion Elizabeth Higbee, July 30, divorce decree.

Eathan Vahn Pfister vs. Jonnie Rae Gallagher-Pfister, Aug. 1, divorce decree.

Joseph S. Hancock vs. Lisa Marie Hancock, Aug. 6, order dismissing complaint for divorce.

Jeremiah Webster vs. Lindsey Webster, Aug. 7, redacted nunc pro tunc final divorce decree.

Melissa Wallace vs. Scott Wallace, Aug. 9, divorce decree and qualified domestic relations order.

Lydia Baker vs. James Baker, Aug. 10, divorce decree.

Amanda Stouffer vs. Douglas Stouffer, Aug. 15, divorce decree with minor children.

Tessa Claire Rice vs. Benjamin L. Rice, Aug. 16, order for order modifying divorce decree nunc pro tunc.

Sandi Anne Cline-Potts vs. Dwayne Potts, Aug. 20, divorce decree.

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