Erin Michelle Toolson vs. Stewart Todd Toolson, Sept. 21, divorce decree.

Brittney Donahue vs. Jordan Donahue, Dec. 5, divorce decree with minor children.

Chrisilla Ann Moore vs. Randy James Moore, Dec. 19, redacted stipulated child custody, child support, and marital settlement agreement; and divorce decree.

Melissa Nichole Schwartz vs. Nathan Jay Schwartz, Dec. 21, redacted divorce decree and order to withhold income for child support.

Corrie Lynne Probst vs. Neil Glen Probst, Jan. 15, judgment and divorce decree.

James Richard Cummings vs. Tina Jo Cummings, Feb. 4, divorce decree.

Mark H. Doyle vs. Tina M. Doyle, Feb. 4, divorce decree.

Coltin Tylka vs. Brittany Ashlee Tylka, Feb. 4, divorce decree.

Mary Ellen Gotfredson vs. James Willard Gotfredson, Feb. 4, divorce decree.

Joshua Scott Moody vs. Lacey A. Moody, Feb. 4, redacted divorce decree.

Sara Ann Swigart vs. Jacob Allen Swigart, Feb. 4, divorce decree with minor children and order for income withholding.

Richard Smart vs. Charlene K. Marx, Feb. 11, divorce decree.

Lucas Wood vs. Rachael Wood, a.k.a. Rachael Shepherd, Feb. 11, stipulated order modifying divorce decree.

Eric Z. Harper vs. Melissa D. Harper, Feb. 13, divorce decree with minor children.

Domieka Nikole Parks vs. John Alexander Parks, Feb. 14, final divorce decree.

Derek Thomas Harvey vs. Heidi Elaine Harvey, Feb. 15, stipulated order amending divorce decree.

Thomas Frank Cunningham Jr. vs. Aubrey Lee Cunningham, Feb. 15, default judgment, divorce decree and income withholding order.

James R. Holt vs. Nicole Janine Holt, Feb. 20, divorce decree.

Jennifer Renae Eckelberry vs. Henry Charles Eckelberry, Feb. 21, final divorce decree.

Michael James Wright vs. Schontel Marie Weaver, Feb. 22, judgment and divorce decree.

Staci L. Smith vs. Kevin J. Macy, Feb. 22, divorce decree.

Gabriela Maxine Brooks vs. Travis Brooks, Feb. 25, divorce decree with minor children.

LaTiecha A. Dimick vs. Chase J. Dimick, March 1, divorce decree.

Lori Michelle Carlson vs. Eric Anthony Carlson, March 4, stipulated order for custody, visitation, support, and divorce.

Jody Lynn Vavra vs. Troy Joseph Vavra, March 5, amended judgment and divorce decree.

Bonnie Pope vs. Manuel Lewayne Pope, March 6, stipulated divorce decree.

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