Lisa Winer vs. Kenneth Scott Winer, May 9, amended divorce decree and child custody, visitation, and support.

Matthew Justin Combs vs. Samantha Jon Combs, May 29, divorce decree.

Dan Bryce Bryant vs. Jerri Lynn Bryant, May 29, divorce decree.

Tige A. Jorgensen vs. Natalie Jorgensen, June 4, divorce decree with minor children.

Troy Todd Weaver vs. Shantel Marie Weaver, June 6, judgment and divorce decree.

Kelcey Moss vs. Peter Moss, June 15, divorce decree with minor children.

Joshua O. Hutson vs. Marlena Gayle Hutson, June 18, divorce decree.

Jennifer Gaddis Friel vs. Strat Nathan Friel, June 18, divorce decree.

Misti Ungaro vs. Christopher Ungaro, June 18, divorce decree.

Davide Martin vs. Cynthia Martin, June 26, default divorce decree and child custody, visitation, and support.

Stephanie Kay Harford vs. Steven Keith Harford, June 28, divorce decree.

Shaylyn Jankowski vs. Ryan Jankowski, June 29, divorce decree with minor children and order for income withholding.

Kaila Rose Martin vs. Aaron Wilder Martin, June 29, default divorce decree.

Jeremy R. Thompson vs. Stacy Renee Thompson, June 29, order amending divorce decree.

Jacqueline Rebecca Lambson vs. Gary Hall Lambson, June 29, divorce decree.

Sienna Apodaca vs. Arthur Apodaca, July 3, divorce decree.

Danille Marie Fernandez n/k/a Danille Marie Vinson vs. Bryon Matthew Fernandez, July 11, stipulated order modifying divorce decree.

Terry Bate vs. Jennifer Bate, July 11, redacted divorce decree.

Allison Dawn Tarvin vs. Denis Lovrincevic, July 11, redacted final divorce decree.

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