Jayna M. Rehor vs. Grant W. Rehor Jr., Aug. 2, divorce decree.

Troy Todd Weaver vs. Shantel Marie Weaver, Aug. 10, amended judgment and divorce decree.

Kevin Chad McMurray vs. Reena Marie McMurray, Aug. 10, divorce decree.

Emily C. James vs. Jake D. Harmon, Aug. 14, income withholding order.

Kelsi Lee Sax vs. Justin Leo Sax, Aug. 16, divorce decree.

Megan Benedict vs. Steve Benedict, Aug. 17, divorce decree with minor children.

Arnulfo Salcedo vs. Casandra Salcedo, Aug. 20, nunc pro tunc divorce decree.

Jarika Collins vs. John Collins, Aug. 29, divorce decree.

Lacey Chantelle Wheeler vs. Jeffery Dean Wheeler, Aug. 30, divorce decree and order to withhold income for child support.

Katelynn Ann Anderson vs. Daneil Lamar Randy Anderson, Aug. 30, divorce decree with minor children.

David Cade Triplett vs. Kristin Triplett, Aug. 31, redacted final divorce decree.

Julie A. Pederson vs. Donald M. Pederson, Aug. 31, default divorce decree.

Sara Jo Valenzuela vs. Jeffery Joseph Valenzuela, Sept. 5, divorce decree.

Michael Paul Caron vs. Tracy Rose Caron, Sept. 5, stipulated divorce decree and order to withhold income for child support.

Rosemary J. Buddecke vs. Dennis E. Buddecke, Sept. 7, divorce decree.

James R. Shaw vs. Ladonna Shaw, Sept. 7, divorce decree.

Adrianne Marie Perez vs. Walmer AugustoPerez, Sept. 7, divorce decree.

Sonia Isabel Pippenger vs. Russell Eugene Pippenger, Sept. 7, stipulated divorce decree.

Linda Jean Lamoreaux vs. Kristopher A. Lamoreaux, Sept. 10, divorce decree.

Chelsea Schultz vs. Russell Schultz, Sept. 10, stipulated divorce decree.

Dean McAlinden vs. Phyllis McAlinden, June 11, stipulated divorce decree.

Duane Allen McCauley vs. Mary Reanne McCauley, Sept. 14, divorce decree.

Cameo Jannette Marakis vs. Angelo J.S. Marakis, Sept. 17, judgment and divorce decree.

Chauntea Platzer vs. David Platzer, Sept. 17, redacted stipulated order modifying final divorce decree and stipulated and agreement.

Nicole Janine Holt vs. James Rodney Holt, Sept. 17, default divorce decree.

Chelsey Jean Lee vs. Erron Frank Lee, Sept. 20, redacted final divorce decree.

Shelsi Harper vs. Brian Michael Harper, Sept. 21, redacted judgment and divorce decree.

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