GREEN RIVER — Fines, bonds, probation and imprisonment in the circuit court of the 3rd Judicial District, Sweetwater County, of Judge John Prokos include:

Chelcea L. Woods, 4920 Antelope Drive, Bar Nunn, guilty April 23, possession of a controlled substance in plant form, 3 ounces or less, 365-day jail sentence with 364 days suspended, one year of unsupervised probation and $255.

Akhmad Pashalieveh Binaliyev, guilty April 24, 70 Baltimore St., Dayton, Ohio, guilty April 24, speeding, $375.

Joseph W. Gunderson, 311 Perry St., guilty April 25, Rock Springs, possession of a controlled substance in powder or crystal form, 3 grams or less; and possession of a controlled substance in plant form, 3 ounces or less, 106-day jail sentence.

Lysandra F. Demorest, 713 Wilderness Court, Green River, guilty April 26, driving under the influence, 18 or older with child passenger, first offense, 180-day jail sentence with 176 days suspended, two years of unsupervised probation and $505.

Katrina N. Goich, 1925 Imperial Drive Apartment I-19, Rock Springs, guilty April 26, unlawful contact, rude, insolent or angry touches without bodily injury, 180-day jail sentence with 178 days suspended, six months of unsupervised probation and $655.

Frances E. Howery, 1031 Ponderosa Way No. B, Rock Springs, bound over April 26, alleged child where methamphetamine is stored, ingested or possessed.

Jacqueline R. Williams Smith, 7005 N. Montrose Ave., Kansas City, Missouri, guilty April 27, vehicle exceeding 80 mph on interstate, $250.

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