GREEN RIVER — Fines, forfeitures, court costs and bonds and the date of appearance in the Green River Municipal of Judge Jason Petri include:

Patrick B. Gomez, 700 Shoshone No. 45, Green River, hit-and-run of unattended property and malicious mischief, suspended 30-day jail sentence, six months of unsupervised probation and $390, May 3.

Richard Dean Schuck, 33 Blue Rim Road, Green River, hit-and-run of unattended property, $230, May 10.

Rex T. Wilde, 400 Monroe No. 1, Green River, animal at large, $90, May 8.

Absalon M. Ibarra, 628 Antelope Drive, Little America, no valid driver’s license, $150, May 15.

Joanna Rundel, 1505 Colorado, Green River, disorderly conduct, $225, May 17.

Jennifer Ebert, 1825 South Carolina, Green River, inattentive driving with crash, $85, May 15.

Johnny M. Mason, 420 Wilkes No. 31, Green River, driving while under suspension, 30-day jail sentence with 29 days suspended and one day credit, six months of unsupervised probation and $610, May 15.

Tina M. Frint, 410 Knotty Pine, Green River, speeding, 43 mph in a 30, $110, May 3.

Nathan Robert Bruce Northcott, 315 W. State Highway 43, Manila, Utah, speeding, 45 mph in a 35, $110, May 1.

Avery Bingham, 215 S. Fifth E., Green River, urinating in public, $225, May 5.

Cory J. Nussbaum, 1205 Buckboard, Green River, speeding, 38 mph in a 30, $60, May 4.

Susan McDaniel, 1725 Massachusetts Court, Green River, speeding, 39 mph in a 30, $50, April 28.

Denise J. Mosley, 534 E. Fourth S., Green River, speeding, 42 mph in a 30, $100, April 26.

Raymond A. Deleur, 451 E. Third N., Green River, using cellphone while driving, $75, May 16.

Raul F. Rodriguez, 4342 Navajo St., Denver, possession of paraphernalia with intent to use and unlawful use of a controlled substance, suspended 60-day jail sentence, six months of unsupervised probation and $470, May 24.

Richard J. Hodo, 199 S. Fifth E. No. 13, improper turn at intersection, $70, May 19.

Welishia Falo, 1400 Bridger Drive No. 11, Green River, speeding, 40 mph in a 30, $110, May 23.

Duane David Lee Johnson, 667 W. Second N., Green River, discharge of firearms, $235, May 22.

Kathleen Bruce, 2715 Hitching Post, Green River, speeding, 41 mph in a 30, $110, May 22.

Vicki Lyn Lake, 2030 Colorado Drive, Green River, failure to stop for a school bus, $430, May 31.

Jennifer Lovato, 1275 Midwest Green River, disturbing the peace, $235, May 31.

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