GREEN RIVER -- Fines, forfeitures, court costs and bonds and the date they occurred in the Green River Municipal of Judge Jason Petri include:

William Waters, 2625 Hawaii, Green River, parking wrong way near curb, $75, Oct. 14.

Jeffrey John Scott, 2010 Arkansas, Green River, animal at large, $80, Oct. 14.

Madeleine F. Bonnabel, 1375 Cliffview, Green River, animal at large, $80, Oct. 14.

Terry A. Luer, 1340 Doe Drive, Green River, speeding 40 mph in a 30-mph zone, $110, Oct. 14.

Catherine M. Weipert, 1209 Conestoga, Green River, use of cellphone while driving, $45, Oct. 14.

Colby R. Ewell, 116 Incline Drive, Evanston, inattentive driving with a crash, $135, Oct. 14.

Hector J. Perez-Villegas, 1400 Bridger No. 61, Green River, no driver's license, $150, Oct. 14.

Randy A. Stoeger, 535 Wilkes, Green River, nuisance animals, $75, Oct. 25.

Stefon Carroll, 132 South 7 West, Green River, animal at large, $80, Oct. 27.

Alexi Milburn, 1150 Alaska, Green River, animal at large, $80, Oct. 27.

Dean R. Hess, 1240 West Teton No. 3E, Green River, speeding 29 mph in a 20-mph school zone, $95, Oct. 27.

Colter M. Herreid, 530 Sundance, Green River, failure to stop at stop light, $120, Oct. 27.

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