GREEN RIVER — Fines, forfeitures, court costs and bonds and the date they occurred in the Green River Municipal of Judge Jason Petri include:

Rachel L. Hemker, 106 First St., Green River, trespassing, $225, Feb. 27.

Koji Gregersen, 140 Pawnee Circle, Green River, animal at large, $80, March 9.

Vladmir Djtalo, 230 Shoshone No. 2, Green River, speeding, 49 mph in 35, $110, March 7.

Kelsey J. Coates, 1630 California, Green River, stop sign violation, $120, March 9.

Bricia D. Thornburg, 1305 Kentucky, Green River, speeding, 29 mph in 20, $95, Feb. 16.

Pat L. Sanchez, 520 Logan, Green River, improper backing, $70, Feb. 27.

Desirae D. Hall, 116 Sherman St., Rock Springs, speeding, 39 mph in 30, $50, March 2.

Beau W. Hutchison, 3600 Short, Green River, speeding, 44 mph in 35, $60, March 6.

Tabitha Bookless, 285 Fir St., Green River, using cellphone while driving, $75, Feb. 27.

James Wright, 1795 Alabama, Green River, passing school bus violation, $410, March 1.

Maggie M. Krause, 256 Bramwell, Green River, driving while under suspension, suspended 60-day jail sentence, six months of unsupervised probation and $760, March 13.

Kelly Heitzmann, 2040 E. Teton Blvd., Green River, speeding, 44 mph in 35,$50, March 1.

Hushlen B. Cochrun, 1209 Interstate 80 Service Road, Rock Springs, resisting arrest, suspended 60-day jail sentence, six months of unsupervised probation and $1,210; and public intoxication, $150, March 15.

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