ROCK SPRINGS — Fines, probation and imprisonment in the circuit court of the 3rd Judicial District, Sweetwater County of Judge Craig Jones include:

Karlon U. Ballard, 211 Horseshoe Drive, Rock Springs, guilty April 23, under 21 years driving with alcohol .02 percent or more, $705.

Trey Ervin Boling, 2156 Century Blvd. No. 308, Rock Springs, bound over April 23, alleged shoplifting, $1,000 or more; and wrongful taking or disposing or property, under $1,000.

William Decker, 369 E. 900 S. Apartment 245, Salt Lake City, Utah, guilty April 23, speeding, $497.

Michael R. Harvey, 737 North Washington St. No. 2, Casper, guilty April 24, driving while license canceled, suspended, or revoked; possession of a controlled substance in plant form, 3 ounces or less; and possession of a controlled substance in powder or crystal form, 3 grams or less, 360-day jail sentence with 359 days suspended, one year of supervised probation and $610.

Jesus E. Chavarria Alvarez, 2 Lakota Drive, Rock Springs, guilty April 24, two charges of animal at large, second offense, $310.

Thomas A. James, 720 McCaffrey, P.O. Box 1032, Rock Springs, guilty April 25, single lane violation and driving without interlock device, first offense, 180-day jail sentence with 173 days suspended, six months of unsupervised probation and $255.

George Smith, 248 Douglas Drive, Rock Springs, bound over April 26, alleged driving under the influence of alcohol, incapable of safely driving, fourth offense within 10 years; driving without interlock device, first offense; failure to provide proof of liability insurance; and single lane violation.

Amy L. Mickelsen, 1899 W. Boling Ave., Taylorsville, Utah, guilty April 27, unauthorized use of a vehicle and theft, under $1,000, 180-day jail sentence and $701.

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