Harold W. Nordenberg, Etal, to Proverbs Real Estate LLC, E2NE4, Sec. 1, T-23-N, R-90-W

Mary J. Walters, Etal, to Mathew M. Luras, Etux, Lot 104, Summit View Estates phase three

Rock Springs, to YWCA of Sweetwater County, A Tract Lot 6, Block 19, Original RS

Robin M. Toone, Etal, to Linda F. Failoni, Lot 6, Block 8, Green River Rancho addition


Kenilynn S. Zanetti, Trustees, to Stephen Scott Zanetti, Etal, Part of Lots 7-9, Trona Heights PUD addition

Casey Allen Olsen, to Casey Allen Olsen, Etux, A Parcel in Tract 67D, T-12-N, R-111-W

AT & B LLC, to Roger King, Etux, Lot 18, Lucy Estates


Terry Lynn Thayn, Etal, to Randy J. Calkins, Lot 9, Block 3, Paxton Webb addition

Michael Beau Buford Collins III, Etux, to Michael Scott Ball, Etux. Lot 4, Pronghorn Estates Subdivision

Steven M. Allen, Etal, to Michael Weaver, Etal, Lot 37, Summit View East phase one

Four Whatever Inc., to Palmer Construction Inc., Lot 9, River Cove addition

Palmer Construction Inc., to Tyler A. Hanks, Lot 9, River Cove addition

AT & B LLC, to Mainline Construction Inc., Lot 15, Estates at the Wind Rivers second

M & R Development LLC, to Sweetwater County Landholdings LLC, Lot 11, City’s Edge Subdivision

Federal National Mortgage Association, to Christian T. Brower, Lot 10, Tract A, Windriver second addition

First American Title Ins. Co., to FAT Wyoming LLC, Lots 9-10, Block 9, Original Green River

Thomas H. Rodda, to Ty L. Rosen, Lot 1, Veterans Park Subdivision

Alton I. Nishiyama, Etux, to Zachary G. Burke, Etux, Lot 312, Cedar Springs Subdivision phase three

Rev Inc., to Mainline Construction Inc., Lot 4, Kay addition

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