Warranty deeds

MAY 31

Amundsen Construction Inc., to Matthew A. Thompson, Lot 8, Block 4, Hunters Preserve PUD

Nickel/Jones Inc., to Lloyd Lawson Laffitte, Etal, SW4NW4 Sec. 17, T-22-N, R-92-W

Diana Bettino, to Anthony Salido, Etux, Lot 64, Northpark Village phase two

Michael D. Scott, Etal, to Joshua R. Conine, Etal, Lot 12, Summit View East phase one

Kenneth E. Avery, Etal, to Linda D. Scott, Etal, Lot 7, Block 3, Hunters Preserve PUD

Jack V. McMurry, Trustees, to Z/C Livestock LLC, Farm Unit No. W-11, Eden Valley Project

Steven E. Heitzmann, Etux, to James L. Boren, Etux, Lot 2, River Ridge Estates second addition

Angela J. Robinson, Etal, to Jonathon R. Hope, Etux, Lot 71, Summit View Estates phase two

Mitch R. Miller, Etal, to Steven M. Pacheco, Etal, Lot 63, Umbria Addition phase four

Curtis Shane Kelly, Etux, to Carlos E. Salazar, Etux, Lot 2, Oregon Trails Subdivision phase seven

Carlos E. Salizar, Trustees, to Jessie L. Reid, Lot 136, Stonebrook Estates phase three


Stephen E. Saedi, to Jarrod Holmlund, Etux, Lot 306, Cedar Springs Subdivision phase three

Gary Wall, Etux, to Mark D. Pond, Etux, Lot 4, Block 7, Prairie addition

Kenneth John Fortuna, to Kevin Koehler, Lot 14, Pt. Lot 13, Block 6, Century West 1st addition


Wade Haakenson, to Rebeccah A. Overy, Lot 6, Block 4, Lowell addition

Jay Stephen Soderlund, to Daniel Bernal, Etal, Lot 5, Block 3, Lynn addition

Robert Duane Norman, Etal, to Bevan K. Wilson, Etal, Lot 43, White Mountain Estates first

Amy M. Bethancourt, Trustees, to Joshua B. Womble, Etux, Lot 2, Block 2, Country Club Estates fourth

RHO Properties LLC, to Andrew J. Boyak, A Tr. SW4 Sec. 23, T-19-N, R-105-W


Jerry J. Kumer, Etal, to Heather R. Hawkins, Lot 3, Block 4, Union Pacific Coal Co. fourth with exception

Jeffrey D. Herrington, Etal, to Allen R. Brittner, Lot 7, Block 6, Colony Coal Co. addition

Allyson M. Cross, Etal, to Ryan Pastor, Lot 150 Stonebrook Estates phase four

Samuel J. Rondinelli, Etal, to Kadee K. Pitt, Lot 129, Summit View East phase two

Robert J. Duca, to David Welborn, Trustees, NW4 Sec, 14, T-21-N, R-91-W


Joe Seneshale, Etal, to Gayle Ann Penick, Trustee, Lot 32, White Mountain Estates first addition

Northpark LLC, to Diana Bettino, Lot 68, Northpark Village phase two

Zachary P. Nicholas, Etal, to Allyson Cross, Lot 11, Sweetwater Station addition phase one


Lisa McDonald, to Annabelle L. Johnson, Lot 6, Morningside at Rock Springs phase one

Richard V. Stevenson, Etux, to Dennis Lee Poisel, Lot 15, Block 2, Country Club Estates

SAS and Associates Inc., to HEXC LLC, Unit F in Lot 4, Postal Square PUD

Gateway Inc., to MCM Properties LLC, Lots 1-2, Winston Subdivision phase one


Jody L. Deal, Etal, to Ryan F. Basso, Lot 127, Taylor Estates Subdivision

Gloria Woods Mitchell, Etal, to Luke M. Audette, Etux, Lot 57, Westridge Estates phase one

Ann H. Copelan, to Michael P. Catania, Etux, Lot 9, Umbria Addition phase one

Stephen Aguirre, Etux, to Ryan Lujan Grieger, Lot 4, City’s Edge Subdivision

Steven J. Emmert, to Nicholas A. Hensley, Etal, Lot 11, Block 3 Hutton Heights first addition


Nicholas D. Mitchelson, Etal, to Cedars Health LLC, Lot 58, Fairway Estates Subdivision phase five

Jerry R. Jackson, Etal, to Kent Jordan, Lot 3, Block 6, Colony Coal Co. addition


Lance A. Neeff, to Rancho Bridger MHC LLC, A Parcel NE4, Sec. 22, T-19-N, R-105-W

Mainline Construction Inc., to Lamar Waters, Etux, Lot 20, Estates at the Wind Rivers second

Dean L. Koerth, to Omar Torres Loredo, Parts, Lots 5-6, Block 10, Pilot Butte addition

Anthony Hills, Etal, to K.C. A. Hills, Lot 3, Block 9, Town of Reliance

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