Susan Banks, to John S. Rogers, Trustees, Lot 157, Windriver addition phase two

Alissa A. Nelson, to Kevin J. Brown, Lot 38, Johnson addition PUD corrective

Nickel/Jones Inc., to Andy Z. Camara, SW4SE4 Sec. 9, T-22-N, R-92-W

Basin Land Co. Ltd., to Geary W. Stepp, Etal, N2NW4 Sec. 9, T-21-N, R-96-W


DeBernardi Construction Co. Inc., to. DeBernardi Investments LLC, Lot 15, Foothills Subdivision

Robert A. Chandler, Etal, to Malcolm S. Young, Etux, A Parcel SW4SE4 Sec. 29 T-19-N, R-111-W

Robert A. Chandler, Etal, to Malcolm S. Young, Etux, Lots 5-7, Block 5, Original Granger


Jason D. Hurd, Etux, to Jason D. Hurd, Trustees, Lot 10, Oregon Trails Subdivision phase seven

Dirk A. Mullins, to Gerald Raymond Befus, Etux, Lot 11, Block 3, Mountainaire second

Tynsky Investments LLC, to All West/Wyoming Inc., Lots 12-15, Block 15, Original GR


Jody Winter, to Aaron J. Gelinas, Etal, Lot 7, Block 6, Hutton Heights fifth addition

Dale H. Hurd, Trustees, to Ricky C. Bennett, Lot 3, Block 3, Pioneer Addition third

Jon Modrey, to Big Sky LLC, Lot 64, Summit View Estates phase two

Rito A. Lopez, to Skyler K. Bloom, Lot 18, Pheasant Run addition

Priscilla A. Forbes, Trustees, to Shae Jacob Sandry, Lot 19, Fairway Estates phase two


Brian Hyde, Etal, to Nickolas F. Busby, Etux, Lot 16, The Bluffs first

Finance All, LLC, to Amato-Y, LLC, NE4NE4 Sec. 3, T-23-N, R-90-W

Finance All, LLC, to Daniel A. Dunne, SE4SW4 Sec. 23, T-24-N, R-90-W

Samuel Wilde, to Royal L. Hicks, Etux, 2 Tracts SW4 Sec. 35, T-19-N, R-105-W


Julie R. Milligan, Etvir, to Wayne Allen Keyworth, Etux, Lot 12, Clear View Estates addition

Amundsen Construction Inc., to Isreal Michael Stewart, Etux, Lot 59, Gunsight Estates phase two


Jody L. Vavra, to David M. Miller, Etux, Lot 4, Block 3, Pioneer addition fourth

Lora L. Meredith, to Jeana Craig, A Portion Lot 23, Century West second


Rock N Green Remodeling LLC, to Higbee Family Investments, Lot 35, Block 2, North addition with exception

Richard Lee Jenkins, to Michael J. Beavers, Etux, Lot 2-D Sub. of Lot 2, Griffinsville Subdivision


Kevin S. Dubry, Etal, to Edward L. Fall, Etux, Lot 23, Block 5, Century West first

Derek M. Abraham, to Russell D. Stevens, Lot 10, Block 5, Springland addition

David Darlington, to David George Darlington, Trustee, Lot 14, Block 4, Springland addition

Bryan C. Blunt, to Lance James, Lot 15, Block 9, Clark addition

Rock N Green Remodeling LLC, to Anthoney Byron, Etux, Lot 1, Block 5, Mountain Fuel addition


Eric Scott Christensen, Etal, to Paul Fernandez, Etux, Lot 2, Oregon Trails phase three with exception

Donna R. Barna, to Joey Lowseth, Lot 7, Block 3, Hutton Heights first


Debra Lee Rubeck, to Tamara L. Tremelling-Mills, Etal, Lot 7, Fox Run Subdivision phase two

Norvan R. Ness, Etal, to Timothy A. Eagler, Etux, Lot 36, Hitching Post Heights addition

Tamara L. Mills, Etal, to Jason Jaramillo, Lot 39, Cedar Ridge Subdivision

All Finance LLC, to John Fillion, Etal, NE4SE4 Sec. 29, T-22-N, R-91-W

Daniel J. Hayes, Etal, to Aaron B. Cheese, Part Lots 5-6, Block 6, Century West first

Chandra K. Westerfield, Etal, to Jeanna L. Schreiner, Lot 25, Block 5, Bicentennial addition

Carlos M. Johnson, Etal, to Terry J. Stebbins, Etux, Lot 9, Block 3, James addition

David Lawrence Jelaca, Trustees, to Bryan Burns, Etal, Lot 13, Block 2, Clark addition


Roland Dean Flynn, Etal, to Nicholas A. Bertagnolli, Etux, Lot 32, Windriver Addition phase three

Kenneth Rutstein, to Brian Hawks, Etux, Lot 19, Block 5, Springland addition


Ruben Uribe, to Sweetwater County Landholdings LLC, Lot 2, Block 2, Brooks addition

Robert J. Mullin, Etal, to Harry Scott Chatterson, Part of Lot 5, Block 25, Original RS

Deric Keller, Etal, to Shawn D. Corbitt, Etux, Lot 1, Estates at Whispering Pines phase one

Morgen A. Townsend, Etal, to Michael James Hurd, Lot 33, Belmont addition

Mark H. Erickson, Trustees, to Joshua M. Carris, Etux, Lot 2, Hunter’s Ridge Subdivision phase two


Ryan J. Johnson, Etal, to Kimberlee Addington, Lot 2, Block 1, Amend. Apache Hills PUD

Frederick J. Moczulski, to John H. Olson, Etux, Lot 32, Clearview Estates addition

Antone F. Pivik, to Jean F. Pivik, Trustee, Lot 5, Block 13, Prairie addition

Donna Ragsdale, to Darren Laura, Etux, Lot 22, Block 9, Hutton Heights four addition

Freedom Mortgage Corp., to Housing & Urban Development, Pt. Lots 1-2, Block 16, Original RS

Kale W. Smith, to Kale W. Smith, Etal, Lot 73, Clearview Acres Subdivision First amended

Gary J. Thayn, to Tyler Supola, Lot 12, Block 4, Hutton Heights fifth addition


Amundsen Construction Inc., to Michael F. Schlosser, Etux, Lot 1, Block 4, Hunters Preserve PUD

James Braden, to James Braden, Etux, Lot 28, Block 4, Century West first

J & M 1025 Properties LLC, to Cory J. Rogers, Etux, Lot 6, Block 4, Century West first


Jonathan F. Olson, Etal, to Tyler J. Kelly, Lot 76, Hitching Post Heights addition

Shawn Marshall, Etal, to Dirk A. Mullins, Lot 6, Block 3, Amend. Hickok addition

Elaine M. Miller, to Jose G. Salizar, Lot 2, Block 1, Clearview Acres third subdivision


Sheryl S. Easterling, to Terry Fass, Lot 3, Block 5, Century West first

John R. Dunivin, Etal, to Town of Granger, A Parcel Sec. 32, T-19-N, R-111-W

Bridget A. Giovale, Etal, to Clark O. Allred, Etux, Lot 11, Windriver addition phase two

Johnathan Brown, Etal, to Matthew A. Southworth, Etal, Lot 9, Block 3, Pioneer addition second

Jackie Whaley, to James Price, Etal, Lot 17, Block 9, Hutton Heights fourth addition

Steve Johnson, to Jamco 16 LLC, Lot 12, Block 1 North Addition with lot extension

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