Warranty deeds

 MAY 7

Gregory L. Hager, Etal, to Dusty James Chamberlain, Etal, Lot 3, Block 11, Hillside addition

Shane Fredrickson, Etal, to Juston Young, Etux, Lot 1 & Pt. Lot 2, Block 6, Hutton Heights seond

Deane A. Graves, Etal, to David Jonathan Francis, Lot 3, Davis Ranch subdivision

Lee Splett, Etux, to Dale Ann Fisher, Lot 118, Clearview Acres subdivision 2nd

Kasey Martin, to Justin K. Schumacher, Lot 20, Hillside Heights addition


Cameron R. Hobbs, Etal, to Laura D. Doak, Lot 51, Summit View East phase one

Johanna Richards, to DJC Properties LLC, Lot 3, Block 1 North addition and adjacent parcel with exception

Nicole D. Cowley, to Scott J. Foster, Trustees, Lot 32, Cedar Ridge subdivision


Double J Development LLC, to Tom Santhanawit, Etux, Lot 9, Double J subdivision

Our Ventures LLC, to Sweetwater County Landholdings LLC, Lot 9, Block 2, Indian Knolls Estates subdivision

Horacio Magana, Etux, to Horacio Magana-Ruiz, Etux, Lot 18, Block 1, Laramie addition

MAY 11

Melissa R. Barker, to Brittany Hottel, Pt. Lots 8-9, Block 14, Central Coal & Coke Co second

Steven M. Pacheco, Etal, to Dale B. Gribble, Jr., Etux, Lot 28, Block 1, Bicentennial addition

Eric S. Price, Etal, to Austin Waite, Lots 9-10, Block 13, Jamestown

Gary L. Killpack, Etux, to Joshua S. Nielsen, Etux, Lot 10, Block 3, Amend. Dutch John addition

MAY 14

Mildred H. Collier, Trustee, to Lucky Goat LLC, Lot 18, Collier View Estates and a Tr. SW4SE4 Sec 22, NW4NE4 Sec 27 T-18-N, R-107-W

Oscar Flores, Etal, to Oscar Flores, Lot 12, Block 3, Glenarms first addition

MAY 15

Amundsen Construction Inc., to Todd Brichacek, Etux, Lot 3, Block 4, Hunters Preserve PUD

Amundsen Construction Inc., to Joshua Powell, Etux, Lot 60, Gunsight Estates phase two

Kaylin Pecolar, to Tuesday Lynn Doroha, Lot 19, Replat. Tr. A, Windriver phase two

MAY 16

Brian J. Winkelman, to Jared S. Hardman, Etux, Lot 2, Block 3, Rio Mesa subdivision

MAY 18

Michael J. Martin, Trustees, to Daniel L. Camphouse, A Parcel SW4 Sec 20, T-20-N, R-105-W

Robert J. Duca, to David Welborn, Trustees, NE4, Sec. 14, T-21-N, R-91-W

Peter G. Martin, Etal, to Alexander C. Visser, Etux, Lot 28, Cimarron addition

Abigail Y. Moneyhun, Trustee, to Jesus P. Smith, Lot 17, Johnson addition PUD Corrective

MAY 21

Basin Land Co. Ltd., to Harold Kramer, S2NE4 Sec. 3 T-22-N, R-91-W

Shawn D. Corbitt, Etux, to Shawn D. Corbitt, Trustees, Lot 1, Estates at Whispering Pines phase one

Gary G. Pedri, Trustees, to Gary G. Pedri, Trustees, Lot 10 & Easterly 1/ Lot 11, Block 2 & Lot 6, Block 7, James Addition & Lot 33 Upland addition

John Iliya, Etux, to Jean A. Stachon, Trustees, Lot 3, Block 11, Prairie addition

John Iliya, Etux, to John A. Iliya, Trustees, 2 parcels in Lot 39, Upland addition

Dean F. Forsgren, Etal, to Shannon Genevieve Mahaffey, Lots 7-8, Block 3 & a Portion Lot 26, Block 3, North addition

Amy Warne, Etal, to Rocky B. Rochford, Lot 66, Century West subdivision 2nd

Coby S. Ramsey, Trustees, to Coby S. Ramsey, Lot 13, Oregon Trails subdivision phase four

Rod L. Reed, Etal, to Marc Zancanella, Etux, Lot 3, Skyview Estates 6th addition

MAY 22

Marc J. Zancanella, Etal, to Amy Warne, Etvir, Lot 35, White Mountain Estates first

Terry W. Dill, Etal, to Guadalupe C. Loredo, Etux, Lot 96, Stonebrook Estates phase three

Anthony Blaisdell, to Kaileb Rose, Lot 12 & Pt. Lot 13, Block 1, Trona Heights Plat A

Jared K. Chytka, Etux, to Joseph A. Fanning, Lot 12, Skyview Estates fifth addition

MAY 23

Gary H. Lambson, Etal, to Aaron L. Carr, Etux, Lot 33, Rimrock West addition phase four

MAY 24

Rick Coon, to Mark D. Morison, Etux, Lot 8, Block 5 Cy addition

Gregory C. Gaylor, Etux, to PSL Investments LLC, Lot 10, Block 8, North addition

Colby M. Lynch, Etal, to Kenderick V. Wilson, Lot 104, Umbria Addition phase six

Pamela S. Santhuff, to Pamela S. Santhuff, Trustee, Lot 73, Riverbend addition

MAY 25

Mainline Construction Inc., to David Uhlenhop, Etal, Lot 66, Northpark Village phase two

Carla Nelson, Etal, to Ryan Dean Wagner, Etal, Lot 42, Summit View Estates phase one

Lynne A. Chadey, to Scott M. Garrett, Lot 64, Gunsight Estates phase two

Scott M. Garrett, Etal, to Amelia M. Cuevas, Lot 7, Block 3, Country Club Estates 10th with exception

Mechamation LLC, to Sandra K. Odde, Lot 9, Block 1, Lynn addition

Steven G. Reekers, to Shanahan L. Nelson, Etux, Lot 31, Mountainaire subdivision third

MAY 29

D & R Rentals LLC, to Darin C. Anderson, Etal, Lot 2, Block 5, Pioneer third addition

Richard Putnam, Etux, to Morogan LLC, Lots 23-24, Block 2, North addition

Morogan LLC, to Lacey Tavegia, Lots 23-24, Block 2, North addition

MAY 30

Darrin M. Peppard, Etal, to David Michael Fullmer, Lot 3, Westridge Estates subdivision phase three

Joshua B. Womble, Etux, to Steven J. Davis, Etux, Lot 11, Dakota Estates subdivision

Max Kudar Jr., Trustees, to Lola P. Gebhardt, Lot 12, County Club Villas

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