OCT. 31

RME Properties LLC to Randall L. Emden, Etal, Lots 10-11, Block 9, Superior 2nd.

Randall L. Emden, Etal to Larene Edwards, Etvir, Lots 10-11, Block 9, Superior 2nd.

William Joseph Smith, III to Jaime K. Johnson, Lot 6, Block 6, Colony Coal Co. addition.

Brian R. Majhanovich to James L. Burkholder, Lot 59, Hillside Heights addition.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Trustee to 2019 Castle LLC, Lot 6, Block 11, Hillside addition.

Craig A. Hebbert, Etal to Dawn Ward, Lot 3, Block 6, Paxton Webb with exception.

Bonnie Anderson, Etal to Halliburton Real Estate Services Inc., Lot 32, Northpark Village phase one.

Halliburton Real Estate Services Inc. to Marco A. Duran, Etal, Lot 32, Northpark Village phase one.

NOV. 1

Ironman Holdings LLC to Abstract Management LLC, A Tr. SW4 Sec. 4, T-19-N, R-105-W.

Ironman Holdings LLC to A1 Management LLC, 4 Parcels SW4 Sec. 4, T-19-N, R-105-W with exception.

Zachery A. Bramwell, Etuz to Bryan J. Williams, Etux, Lot 6, Block 3, Hutton Heights 5th addition.

M & R Development LLC to Smart Dwellings LLC, Lot 34, City’s Edge Subdivision.

Kelly Marie McCully to Jack McCully, Etux, Lot 13, Block 5, Laramie addition.

Reed Bingham, Etal to Joseph P. Moore, Lot 103, Summit View Estates phase three.

NOV. 4

Kevin R. Ivie, Etux to Kenneth D. Yager, Etux, Lot 6, Block 2, Rio Mesa Subdivision.

Tyson W. Mele, Etux to Kevin R. Ivie, Etux, Lot 5, Lucy Estates.

Ryan W. Brown, Etux to Zachery Bramwell, Etux, Lot 4, South Park addition.

Amundsen Construction Inc. to Kevin C. Kaumo, Etux, Lot 112, Gunsight Estates phase three.

Brian Kaumo, Etux to Joshua Walker, Etux, Lot 16, Pheasant Run addition.

NOV. 5

Brian C. Luth, Etux to Jasmine M. Markovsky-Gonzalez, Etal, Lot 9, Block 2, Glenarms 2nd addition.

Raymond Boyer, Etux to Joshua Merlin Dean, Etux, Lot 4, Block 2, Rio Mesa and adjacent tract.

Albano Properties LLP to Schroetlin Commercial Holdings II LLC, A Parcel SW4 Sec. 26, T-19-N, R-105-W.

NOV. 6

Hunter’s Ridge Development Inc. to Robert M. Spicer, Etux, Easterly 35’ Lot 9, Gino Sub. Replat. Lots 6-8.

Robert M. Spicer, Etux to Robert M. Spicer, Etux, Lot 9, Gino Sub. Replat. Lots 6-8.

1005 LLC to 1005 LLC, Parcel A, Energy Industrial Park Replat. Lots 7-8.

1005 LLC to 1005 LLC ,Parcel B, Energy Industrial Park Replat. Lots 7-8.

Finance All LLC to Wyvonne M. Davis, NE4NW4 Sec. 1, T-22-N, R-90-W.

Finance All LLC to Lisa A. Fallon, SW4NE4 Sec. 13, T-22-N, R-90-W.

NOV. 7

CMH Homes Inc. to Russell Schultz, Lot 2, Block 3, Rio Vista 3rd.

Sean Leonard Jolley, Etal to Lawrence Valles, Etux, Lot 14, Block 3, Century West 1st.

Matthew W. Mikkelsen, Etal to Heath M. Mortensen, Etux, Lot 5A, Fox Run Subdivision phase two.

Todd J. Horn, Etal to Devaughn L. Burton, Lot 17, Block 2, Bicentennial addition.

Scott D. Heiner, Etux to Scott D. Heiner, Trustees, A Parcel NE4 Sec. 22, T-20-N, R-109-W.

NOV. 8

Donald A. Justice, Etal to Jason Anderson, Lot 1, Rimrock West Addition phase one.

Phoenix Plaza LLC to Next Generation Properties of Nebraska LLC, A Parcel S2SW4 Sec 26, T-18-N, R-107-W.

Robert L. Haliburton, Etal to Carey A. Larson, Etux, Lot 2, Skyview Estates 5th addition.

Dillon L. Cox to Robert L. Haliburton, Etux, Lot 11, Block 2, Sunset addition.

Jamie Mahaffey to Cheryl Lynn Tarno, Lot 11, Block 5, Bicentennial addition.

NOV. 13

Northpark LLC to Sweetwater County Landholdings LLC, Lot 83, Northpark Village phase two.

Sweetwater County Landholdings LLC to Smart Dwellings LLC, Lot 83, Northpark Village phase two.

Erik I. Jones to Erik Jones, Etux, Lots 1-2, Block 4, Lowell Addition.

Stony Ridge LLC to Providence Properties LLC, A Parcel NE4 Sec. 15, T-19-N, R-105-W.

Keith L. Floyd, Etal to Robert J. McMullen, Lot 2, Block 4, James addition.

Donna Ray Teeples, Trustee to Keith L. Floyd, Lot 69, Mountainaire 3rd.

Erich Rumple to Jason Strand, Etux, Lot 129, Taylor Estates.

Jason Strand, Etal to Christopher J. Branson, Lot 4, Block 39, UPRR 1st GR.

Jessica Palmen to Tyler R. Kelley, Lot 12, Ridge Addition PUD.

NOV. 14

Fossen Properties LLC to Tom E. Fossen, Etux, Lot 34, Block 5, Bicentennial addition.

Paul G. Adams, Etal to Ricky J. Bybee, Lot 18 & pt. Lot 17, Block Mansface Canyon 2nd.

George Kettering, Jr., Etux to Nicole D. Whiting, Lot 5, Country Club Estates 6th.

NOV. 15

Jean M. Firme, Etvir to Manuel Sola, Lot 5, Block 11, Hillside Addition.

Amundsen Construction Inc. to Colter Wire, Lot 120, Gunsight Estates phase three.

Kevin C. Stroebel, Etal to Kory C. Ingersoll, Etal, Lot 12, Block 2, County Club Estates addition.

NOV. 18

Robert H. Neff, Jr. to Jeremy R. Ruby, Lot 7-8, Block 5 Manning Addition with exception.

Zachary Bristol, Etux to Gary L. Collins, II, Etux, Lot 3, Estates at the Wind Rives 2nd addition.

NOV. 19

Kelly Leigh Palmer, Trustee to Kelly Leigh Palmer, Lot 6, Dry Creek Subdivision phase two.

David J. Bosley, Etal to Jackman Rentals LLC, Lots 3-4, Block 6, Kendall addition.

NOV. 20

Jose G. Salazar to Saul Camarillo Cendejas, Lot 2, Block 1, Clearview Acres 3rd.

Superior Lumber Company to Thomas A. Mustain, Etux, Lot 14, Block 2, Kingsborough addition.

Jose C. Perez to Coldel N. Howard, Etux, Lot 28, Northpark Village phase one.

TaZin Tribitt to Jose C. Perez, Etux, Lot 28, Mounatinaire Ranchetts 1st.

NOV. 21

Donna Lee Hill-Harriss to Donna L. Hill-Harriss, Etal, NW4NW4 Sec. 21, T-22-N, R-90-W.

NOV. 22

Jacob A. Miles, Etal to Dakota Johnson, Lot 31, Northpark Village phase one.

Randy W. Hamilton to Shawn S. Rockey, Lot 44, Gunsight Estates phase two.

NOV. 25

Wayne H. Yedinak, Etal to Travis Brokaw, Etux, Lot 4, Block 3, Country Club Estates 5th.

Bonnie A. Baker, Trustee to James Pongrace, Etux, Lot 1, Block 7, UPRR 2nd & Pt. Lot 1, Block 34, UPRR 1st GR.

Rotimi A. Ojifinni, Etal to Isaiah A. Munoz, Lot 5, Block 1, Hunters Preserve PUD.

All Finance LLC to Rene Anaya, Etal, SE4SW4 Sec. 3, T-22-N, R-90-W.

Edward Sabourin, Etal to Amanda Jo Weiss, Etvir, A Parcel E2 Sec. 3, T-24-N, R-106-W.

Jean Fay Pivik to Jean F Pivik, Trustee, Lot 4, Kay Addition.

Larry Paul Trent to Larry Paul Trent, Trustee, Lot 7, Block 4, Original GR.

Seth Daniel Jenkins to Gretchen Bahunin, Lot 1, Block 9, James 2nd addition.

NOV. 26

FI Properties LLC to Robert Engle, Etux, NW4 Sec. 9, T-22-N, R-90-W.

Rodney A. Lapant, Etux to Mitchell M. Peck, Lot 28, Block 11, UP Coal Co 4th.

Christian T. Brower, Etal to Courtney L. Patterson, Lot 10, Tract A, Windriver Addition phase two.

Ubaldo Mendoza to Smart Dwellings LLC, Lot 53, Northpark Village phase two.

Rudolph J. Gunter, Trustees to Spence R. Gunter, Lot 23, Block 3, Paxton Webb addition.

NOV. 27

Susan Storm to Susan Storm, Lot 4, Block 9, Pioneer addition.

Sweetwater County Landholdings LLC to Billy Stewart, Etux, Lot 72, Northpark Village phase two.

Gregory Stacey to David Clinton, Lot 4, Block 8, Rio Vista Townsite.

Theresa Morrison to Craig W. Brown, Etux, Lot 8, Block 3, Washington School addition.

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