OCT. 18

Greg L. Marshall to Steven Edwin LaBelle, Lot 71, Stonebrook Estates second amended.

Leslie J. Pickrell to Gage Allen Eckhart, Lot 3, Block 13, Hutton Heights fourth.

Karlene E. Gilmore to Anthony J. Mayer, II, Etux, Lot 2, Block 1, Country Club eighth.

Guild Mortgage Co to Housing & Urban Development, Lot 4, Block 8, El Rancho Estates first.

Jennifer Brehm, Etvir to Jennifer Brehm, Etvir, Lot 138, Stonebrook Estates phase three.

Amy Romero-Griffin, Etal to Martin Goicoechea, Etal, A Parcel W2 Sec. 23, T-19-N, R-105-W.

Jill A. Johnson, Trustees to Kenneth F. Johnson, Trustees, A Parcel NW4 Sec. 33, T-19-N, R-105-W.

Jordan S. West to Jorge Sauceda-Espinosa, Lot 9, Block 1, James addition.

OCT. 21

Kadee Apodaca to Jacob M. Beverly, Etal, Lot 4, Block 20, Original RS.

Freedom Mortgage Corp to Housing & Urban Development, Lot 6, The Village.

OCT. 22

Kathryn Copelin French, Trustee to Sara Anne Copelin Malone, SE4SW4 Sec. 15, T-17-N, R-94-W.

Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks #624 to Empire-RS Inc., Lots 8-9, Block 22, Original RS.

Olaf C. Domhoff, Etux to Olaf C. Domhoff, Trustees, Lot 4, Westridge Estates phase two.

October 23

Sweetwater County Landholdings LLC to Smart Dwellings LLC, Lot 71, Northpark Village phase two.

OCT. 24

Dana Laree Zeller to Sergio Loredo, Etux Lot 12, Pt. Lot 11, Block 2, Clark addition.

Desert Mountain Properties LLC to Darrell Armstrong, Lot 3, Block 1, Bellview addition.

Myron B. Gunyan to Smart Dwellings LLC Lot 66, Clearview Acres first amended.

OCT. 25

Adriana Perez to Quinn D. Kalinski, Site 11A, Block 4, Paxton Webb addition with exceptions.

Shelly R. Wall to Andres Prutch, Lot 26, Block 2, Western addition.

David C. Bozner to Brent E. Johnson, Lot 12, Block 3, Prairie addition.

Felisha J. Fletcher, Etvir to Anthony Stradley, Lot 1, Block 3, amended Apache Hills PUD.

Matthew McKade Wells to Chezney Leisch, Etal, Lot 44, Resub. Rendezvous Addition Tract F.

OCT. 28

Michael K. Mullins to Zacarey Ryan Davis, Lot 7, Block 2, CY addition.

New Peak Construction Co. Inc. to Brian Majhanovich, Etux, Lot 13, Lynn Subdivision.

Jose Alfredo Gonzalez to Nikala F. Uhrig, Lot 15, Block 47, UPRR third RS.

Reed W. Robbins, Etux to Reed Robbins, Trustees, Lot 16, Block 5, Laramie addition.

Patricia J. Hutchinson to Samuel L. Ratcliff, Etux, Lot 3, Skyview Estates first.

Noble K. Investments LLC to Marcelo Chavez, Pt. Lot 3, Lot 4, & Pt. Lot 5, Central Coal & Coke Co. first addition.

Travis D. Burnham, Etal to Christian M. Knezovich, Etal, Lot 2, Summit View Estates phase one.

W. Wayne Baumann, Etux to Wayne Baumann, Trustees, Pt. Lot 6, Block 9, Clearview Acres third.

OCT. 29

Wayne Baumann, Etux to Wayne Baumann, Trustees, Pt. Lot 6, Block 9, Clearview Acres third.

Roger L. Rice, Etal to Jorge A. Arellano, Etal, Lot 1, Block 18, Central Coal & Coke Co. second.

Smart Dwellings LLC to Mathew Grube, Etux, Lot 55, Northpark Village phase two.

Double J Development LLC to American Dream Home Builders, LC Lot 10, Double J Subdivision.

American Dream Home Builders LC to Victor Abiel Vazquez, Etal, Lot 10, Double J Subdivision.

OCT. 30

Aron Paul Brady, Etux to Aron P. Brady, Trustees, Lot 22, Block 6, Glenarms second addition.

Brian K. Smith, Etal to Double G Construction, A Parcel NE4NW4 Sec. 8, T-19-N, R-105-W.

Abstract Management LLC to Jeremy Haracz, Etal, 3 Parcels SW4 Sec. 25, T-19-N, R-105-W.

Rex E. Petersen to Joseph L. Kelly, Etux, Lot 15, Mountainaire 3rd.

Jonas Haliburton, Etal to Noble K Investments LLC, Pt. Lot 5, Block 45, UP Coal Proposed third.

Klyde E. Dodd, Etux to Shane J. Harmon, Etux, Lot 4, Mountain Shadows phase two.

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