NOV. 14

All Finance LLC, to Christopher Pruitt, Etal, NE4SW4 Sec. 5, T-22-N, R-90-W

Providence Properties LLC, to C & A Services LLC, A Tr. S2 Sec. 4, T-18-N, R-105-W

Ty A. Clark, Etal, to Stephen S. Hodges, Lot 12, Block 1, Mountainaire 5th

Poco Partnership, to Fadd Investments LLC, 3 Parcels NW4, N2 Sec. 25, T-19-N,

R-105-W with exception

Hector Cantu, Etal, to Spencer P. Cantu, Etux, Lot 9, Block 3, CY addition

Russell Schmitt, Etux, to Russell A. Schmitt, Trustees, Pt. Lot 5, GR Commercial Center

Russ Schmitt, Etal, to Russell A. Schmitt, Trustees, Lot 6, GR Commercial Center

Russell Schmitt, Etux, to Russell A. Schmitt, Trustees, Lot 14, GR Commercial Center

Kaylynn M. Peterson, to Russell A. Schmitt, Trustees, Lot 8, Block 1, Hutton Heights 5th

NOV. 15

Robert A. Zumbrennen, Etal, to Joseph Perry, Etux, Lot 2, Block 2, Gaensslen Subdivision

Richard Allen Beller, Jr., to Mark O’Neal, Etux, Lot 1, Arnoldi addition


Mark D. O’Neal, Etal, to Donald L. Randall, Etux, Lot 31, The Bluffs 1st

Joseph Minick, Etal, to Clifford A. Vanderpool, Etux, Lot 11, Block 1, Amend. Dutch John addition

Federal National Mortgage Assoc., to Anthony Bryce Castillon, Lot 22, Block 3, Glenarms 1st addition

Neil Probst, Etal, to Kaylund B. Christiansen, Etux, Lot 1, Block 3, Amend. Hickok addition

Jonathan D. Rosas, Etux, to Austin R. Cave, Lot 10, Block 8, Paxton Webb addition

Eugene B. Shaw, Etux, to Jonathan D. Rosas, Etux, Lot 23, Deer Ridge Estates Subdivision

NOV. 19

Double J Development LLC, to Factory Homes Outlet Inc., Lot 12, Double J Subdivision

Factory Homes Outlet Inc., to Edward L. Atwood, Etux, Lot 12, Double J Subdivision

Joe B. Mondragon, Etal, to Justin Groom, Etux, Lot 2, Block 4, Sunset addition

Proverbs Real Estate LLC, to Brent B. Evans, Etux, N2NW4, NW4NE4 Sec. 13, T-24-N, R-90-W

Morgan Splichal, Sr., to Victor Arevalo, Etal, Pt. Lot 1, Block 30, Original RS

Luke Copeland, Etux, to Susan Storm, Lot 4, Block 9, Pioneer addition

NOV. 20

Shelly Elaine Smith, Trustees, to Dale S. Coon, Etux, Lot 44, Riverbend addition

Jason S. House, to Jerry Harris, Etux, Lot 28, Vineyards Subdivision phase one

Amundsen Construction Inc., to Tyson R. Tucker, Etux, Lot 65, Gunsight Estates phase two

Gem City Partnership, to Short Line LLC, A Parcel SW4 Sec, 33, T-19-N, R-105-W

Tommie R. Robinson, Etux, to Casey Giles, Etux, Lot 1, White Mountain Country Est. phase one

NOV. 21

Nathan R. Uhrig, Etux, to Robert J. Welchman, Etux, Lot 4, Hunter’s Ridge Subdivision phase nine

NOV. 26

Jeffrey D. Strange, to Jeffrey D. Strange, Lot 12, Block 7, Hospital addition

Jeffrey D. Strange, to Jeffrey D. Strange, Lot 11, Block 7, Hospital addition

Erland Smith, Etux, to Mario J. McKeever, Etux, Lot 105, Clearview Acres Sub. 2nd

Jerry Wayne Marchant, Etux, to Jerry W. Marchant, Trustees, Lot 50, Riverbend addition

Jay M. Beach, Etux, to Jay M. Beach, Trustees, Lot 17, Hunter’s Ridge Sub. phase two

NOV. 27

Greg Juel, Etux, to Jordan L. Cox, Etux, Lots 5-6, Block 2, UPRR 2nd GR

Jerry E. Kromrey, to Concrete Rescue Slabjacking LLC, SW4 Sec. 11, T-22-N, R-96-W

NOV. 28

David Mark Arambel, to WTD LLC, Lot 5, Block 6, Central Coal & Coke Co. 1st

Gilbert Garcia, Etal, to Juan Gonzalez, A Tr. SE4SW4 Sec. 4, T-19-N, R-105-W

Kenneth A. Ball, Etux, to Dustin L. Kirsch, Etux, Lot 46, Block 5, Hutton Heights 8th addition

DPW Enterprises LLC, to Kenneth Paul Merzlak, Jr., Lot 9, Block 1, Amended Kovacich addition

Triple A & W Properties LLC, to Haden Construction Inc., Lot 8, Deer Trail Subdivision

Alexander R. Haleluk, Etal, to Soma G. Priddle, NW4SW4 Sec 17, T-23-N, R-90-W

NOV. 29

Pacsel LLC, to Black Rock Inc., Unit C, Building 1, Plumtree Village

Daniel J. Pacheco, to Bradley Mullhatten, Etal, Lot 1, Block 3, Century West 1st

NOV. 30

Sheila Deinhardt, to Sheila Deinhardt, Lot 14, Block 10, Hutton Heights addition 4th

Ryan Loveless, Etux, to Matthew C. Schultz, Etal, Lot 5, Mountain Shadows Sub. phase two

First National Bank of Gordon, to H & N Holdings LLC, Lot 16, Wamsutter Industrial Park

Robert J. Welchman, Etal, to Ryan A. Zampedri, Jr., Etux, Lot 37, Stonebrook Est. phase two Amend.

James R. McCurtain, Trustee, to Nicholas Alan Fimbinger, Lot 4, Block 46, UPRR 3rd addition

Kraig E. Jackson, Etux, to Donald L. Jidas, Lot 10, Block 2, Electric addition

Alejandro Alvarado, to Edith Montes De Oca, Etal, Lot 3, Block 8, UP Coal Co. 4th addition

David J. Palmer, Etux, to David J. Palmer, Etux, A Parcel NE4SW4 Sec. 27, T-18-N, R-107-W & Ease.

David J. Palmer, Etux, to David J. Palmer, Etux, A Parcel NE4SW4 Sec. 27, T-18-N, R-107-W & Ease.

David J. Palmer, Etux, to AC Storage LLC, A Parcel NE4SW4 Sec. 27, T-18-N, R-107-W & Ease.

Teresa M. Facinelli, to Kraig E. Jackson, Etux, Lots 4-5, Block 3, Rio Vista Townsite

Wayne Robert Davis, to Kevin Sean Lennon, Jr. Etux, Lot 7, Block 2, Glenarms 2nd addition

DEC. 3

Aspen Properties Inc., to White’s Real Estate & Development LLC, Pt. Lot 8, Block 43, UPRR 2nd RS

Monte McDonald, Etal, to Jesse L. Stainbrook, Lot 9, Belmont addition

Edward M. Miera, Jr., Etal, to Brady Charles, Etal, Lot 54, Hitching Post Heights addition

Wendy L. Arnold, to Dustin E. Smith, Lot 22, Castle Heights PUD

Howard Routh & Sons, to Rickie Cordova, Lot 10, Block 49, UPRR 3rd RS

Richard David Swann, to Jesus Luevanos, Lot 4, Block 4, Prospect Heights addition

DEC. 4

JoAnn R. Dayton, to William Formanek, Lot 3, Foreman addition

Margaret S. Noble, Etal, to Douglas Edward Hammond, Lot 4, Block 4, Green River Rancho addition

Roger C. Larsen, Etux, to Michael Brewer, Etux, Lot 14, Block 6, Hutton Heights 2nd addition

John T. Pivic, Etux, to Jeffrey T. Harvey, Lot 311, Cedar Springs Subdivision phase three

DEC. 5

Sweetwater Station LLC, to Devin Anderson, Etux, Lot 26, Sweetwater Station addition phase one

Shari Jean Hahn, to Leopoldo Arevalo, Etal, Lot 2, Hahn Subdivision

DEC. 6

Michael W. Calvert, Jr., to Ashley Cozad, Lot 7, Block 2, UP Coal Co. 4th addition

DEC. 7

Jake R. Mannikko, to Kasey Boice, Lot 25, Block 4, Century West 1st

Jeffery W. Tims, Etux, to Jake R. Mannikko, Lot 116, Stonebrook Estates phase three

CitiMortgage Inc., to Matthew William Mikkelsen, Etal, Lot 22, Block 5, Central Coal & Coke Co. 1st

DEC. 10

Patrick Jay Gomez, to Clinton W. Poulsen, Lot 9, Block 6, Hutton Heights 5th addition

Michael Nortz, Etal, to Michael S. Nortz, Trustees, Lot 71, Windriver addition phase two

DEC. 12

Kimberly C. Huber, Etvir, to James S. Bagshaw, Etal, Lot 8, Block 2, Glenarms 2nd addition

DEC. 13

Jim F. McKee, Etal, to Edgar Granados, Etux, Lot 2, Hunters Ridge Subdivision phase six

Julie Banks-Babel, Etal, to Christopher Lee Waldrep, Lot 41, Cedar Ridge Subdivision

DEC. 14

New Peak Construction Co. LLC, to Seth Harris, Etux, Lot 5, Block 2, Jefferson School addition

Ryan J. Johnson, to Weston May, Lot 35, Block 2, Amend. Apache Hills PUD

David M. Fullmer, to Fullmer Trucking LLC, S2 Lot 16, Mountainaire 4th

David M. Fullmer, to David M. Fullmer, Trustee, N2 Lot 16, Mountainaire 4th

H & S Wild Horses LLC, to Logan Meeks, Condo Unit A & F, Building 3, Plumtree Village

H & S Wild Horses LLC, to Logan Meeks, Condo Unit E, Building 3, Plumtree Village

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