Warranty deeds

JAN. 7

Larry D. Winter, Etal, to Alec Zumbrennen, Etux, Lot 4, Block 5, Hutton Heights fifth addition

JAN. 9

Michael A. Fermelia, to Michael A. Fermelia, Trustees, Lot 4, Block 9, UP Coal Co. fourth addition

Jim W. High, Etal, to Jim W. High, Etal, Lot 3, Mountain High Estates

JAN. 10

Denise P. Brower, Trustees, to Alex Butcher, Etux, Lot 2, The Bluffs second

Dominic Odbert, to Southland Royalty Company LLC, E/NE4 & NW4NE4 Sec 23, T-22-N, R-93-W

Carol L. Gardiner, Trustee, to Carol L. Gardiner, Trustee, SE4SE4 Sec 19, W2SW4 Sec 20, with exception Lot 4 Sec 29, Lot 1 Sec 30 T-12-N, R-111-W

JAN. 11

Raymond E. Richardson, Etal, to Shahrad Karimi, Lot 4, Block 1, Mansface Canyon second

Zackery M. Jensen, Etal, to Arthur B. Baldwin, Etux, Lot 8, Block 4, Hutton Heights eighth

Mark J. Winkel, Etal, to Mark J. Winkel, Etux, Lot 36, Block 2, Glenarms second addition

Jeffrey D. Strange, to Smart Dwellings LLC, Lot 11, Block 7, Amend. hospital addition

Victoria Oechslin, Trustee, to ABW Auctions LLC, S2SW4 Sec 33, T-22-N, R-91-W

Victoria Oechslin, Trustee, to ABW Auctions LLC, NW4SW4 Sec 33, T-22-N, R-91-W

Haden Construction Inc., to Mark J. Winkel, Etux, Lot 40, Gunsight Estates phase one

JAN. 14

James Robert Wagner, Etux, to James Robert Wagner, Trustees, Lot 7, Oregon Trails Subdivision phase nine

ABW Auctions LLC, to Greenbridge Holdings LLC, NW4SW4, S2SW4, Sec. 33, T-22-N, R-91-W

JAN. 15

Amundsen Construction Inc., to David W. Palmer, Etux, Lot 68, Gunsight Estates phase two

Gregg A. Fitzgerald, to Gregg A. Fitzgerald, Etux, Lot 3, Block 13, UPRR first RS

Dorothy K. Hurd, Trustees, to W & M Thoman Ranches LLC, Lots 3-4, NE4SW4, SE4SW4, NW4SE4, SW4SE4 Sec. 18, T-25-N, R-105-W

Gary J. North, to Robert Larry Brannan, Etal, A Parcel NE4SE4 Sec. 2, T-18-N, R-105-W

JAN. 16

Juvenal Chavez, Etux, to Kelly M. Kunsman, Lot 9, Amend. Mountainaire fourth with exception

Mainline Construction Inc., to Jesse G. Hatch, Lot 69, Northpark Village phase two

JAN. 17

Mary Lou Gladson, to Garrett A. Easton, Lot 5, Block 4, Sunset addition

JAN. 18

John F. Harrison, Trustees, to Gary F. Payzant, Etux, Lot 6, Block 1, Rio Vista third

Billy J. Little, Etal, to John L. Maxwell, Etux, Lot 4, Block 43, UPRR second RS

David A. Duckwitz, Etal, to Marcus A. Duffy, Etux, Lot 1, Fox Run Subdivision phase six

Roaring Fork Sheep Co. LLC, to Purple Sage LLC, SW4NE4 Sec. 2, T-12-N, R-95-W

Northpark LLC, to Mainline Construction Inc., Lot 63, Northpark Village phase two

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