JAN. 28

Stuart C. Darif, Etux, to Aaron Hill, Etal, Lot 3, Rendezvous addition

Coyote Springs Land Co. LLC, to Randall Hendrickson, Etal, SE4 Sec. 5, T-22-N, R-90-W

Coyote Springs Land Co. LLC, to SMV Corp., NW4 Sec. 21, T-21-N, R-90-W

Roger Weber, Trustees, to Paul Gingerich, Lot 2, Block 8, Kendall addition

Casey R. Hunter, to Mary Pena, Lot 10, Block 1, Brooks addition

JAN. 29

Derrick A. Ingle, Etux, to Chad Mestas, Etux, Lot 2, Gunsight Estates phase one

JAN. 31

Streeter Ranch and Ranch Management LLC, to Southland Royalty Company LLC, NW4SW4 Sec. 25, T-22-N, R-93-W

Alamo Storage GP, to Tateco LLC, Lot 4, I-80 Industrial Park first

Arash Habibijavanbakht, to Jesus Rodriguez, Lot 26, White Mountain Estates first

Jeffrey D. Strange, to Laura N. Garrett, Lot 12, Block 7, amended hospital addition

FEB. 1

Jeremiah L. Leturgey, Etal, to Zachary R. Barker, Lot 18, Block 8, UP Coal Co. fourth addition

Jannel Fossen, to Jeremiah L. Leturgey, Lot 35, The Village

Cory A. Comeau, Etal, to Chad Kleinlein, Etux, Lot 124, Stonebrook Estates phase three

Philip Jed Edwards, Etal, to Larene Edwards, Etvir, Lot 2, Pt. Lot 1, Block 1, Hospital and adjacent parcel

FEB. 4

R J Owsley, to Gerardo DeJesus Ventura Garcia, Lot 6, Block 7, Clark addition

Donnette J. Kelley, Etvir, to Ricco C. Capozzoli, Etux, Lots 1-9, Block 9, Crocker addition

Mark St. Marie, to Mark St. Marie, Trustee, Lot 4, Windriver addition phase three

Mark W. St. Marie, to Mark St. Marie, Trustee, Lot 69 & Pt. Lot 70, Century West Second

FEB. 5

Timberline Hospitalities LLC, to Lotus Hospitality LLC, A Parcel SE4 Sec 33, T-19-n, R-105-W

FEB. 6

Matthew C. Molski, Etux, to Justin Gomez, Lots 17-18, Block 11, Crocker addition

Shauna Lynne Thornhill, Etal, to Ronald J. Sains, Lot 2, Block 3, amended Kovacich addition

FEB. 7

Betty H. Muir, to James M. Stewart, Etux, Lot 13, Fox Run Phase IV second corrective

Isaac Grover, Etal, to Kyla J. Kippenhafer, Pt. Lots 4-5, Block 46, UPCC proposed third

Matthew K. Tarbet, Etal, to Thomas Jason Franklin, Etux, Lot 57, Estates at Whispering Pines phase two corrected

FEB. 8

William S. Cantrell, Etal, to Amber R. Plancarte, Etvir, Lot 14, Block 2, Laramie addition Streeter Ranch and Ranch

Management LLC, to Wayne Hoffman, Etux, NE4NE4, S2NE4 Sec 25, T-22-N R-93-W

Wayne Hoffman, Etux, to Southland Royalty Company LLC, S2NE4 Sec 25, T-22-N R-93-W

FEB. 11

Northpark LLC, to Diana Bettino, Lot 56, Northpark Village phase two

Diana Bettino, to Daniel Tenorio-Morales, Lot 61, Northpark Village phase two

Steven Ryan, Etal, to Juan Alfredo Perez, Lot 21, The Village Subdivision

Danny Ray Baker, to Lea Bettolo, Lot 9, Block 2, Pryde addition

Dawn T. Cobb, to Katherine Ryan, Etvir, Lot 10, The Bluff Executive Estates Subdivision

New Peak Construction Co., to Cory Hintz, Etux, Lot 9, Lynn Subdivision

FEB. 12

Marc Fairs, Etal, to Jackson W. Ramsey, Lot 27, Northpark Village phase one

Robert A. M. Coppenrath, Trustee, to Robert A. M. Coppenrath, NE4 Sec. 15, T-22-N, R-93-W

PRH Investments LLC, to Kody A. Staley, Etux, Lot 14, Block 1, Country Club Estates 10th

Jessie G. Griffin, Etal, to Tyler C. Nazelrod, Etux, Lot 32, Estates at Whispering Pines phase one

Tyler C. Nazelrod, Etal, to Jordan A. Phillips, Lot 13, Pt. Lot 14, Block 6, Country Club Estates second

FEB. 14

Dean W. Stewart, Trustees, to Byron Kannegieter, Etux, Lot 3, Block 12, UP Coal Co fourth addition

FEB. 15

Mary A. Ryan, to Carl R. Beckstead, Lot 2, Block 5, Carson addition

Patrick P. Hartford, Etux, to Charles Harrison, Lot 92, White Mountain Estates first

Nickel/Jones Inc., to Southland Royalty Company LLC, N2NW4 Sec. 23, T-22-N, R-93-W

Jeanmaire Anselmi, Trustees, to Joseph G. Flaim, Lot 12, Foothills Subdivision

Donald B. Stoll, Etal, to Larry A. Bryant, Jr., Etux, Lot 35, The Bluffs second

Jo Anna Walker, Etal, to Flynt J. Heavin, Lot 10, Block 3, Prairie addition

Tommy E. Fossen, Trustees, to Curtis Donald Huitt, Lot 30, Rendezvous addition

Mainline Construction Inc., to Jared Walker, Etux, Lot 10, Kay addition

Gene K. Kent, Trustees, to Roger B. Reed, Etal, Lot 7, Block 11, Prairie addition

Nicholas B. Norby, Etal, to Casey Wylie, Lot 33, Stonebrook Estates phase two amended

Christopher C. Kennedy, Etux, to RL Colandelo, Etux, Lot 20-21, Block 6, Original RS

Jack Sandel, Etal, to Scott Williams, Lot 9, Westridge Estates phase two

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