Sains to Lions

Rock Springs High School alumnus and American Legion Post 24 Sand Puppies center fielder Bobby Sains signed his national letter of intent Thursday to play baseball for the Finlandia University Lions. Signing ceremony participants included, front from left, Sheree Sains, Ronnie Sains, Bobby Sains and Lolita Sains; and back, Ryan Powers, Rocky Rondinelli, Ben Lail, Lorenzo Webb and Parker Ross.

ROCK SPRINGS – Rock Springs High School alumnus and American Legion Post 24 Sand Puppies center fielder Bobby Sains is on his way to the Great Lakes.

On Thursday, June 25, Sains signed his national letter of intent to continue his education and baseball career with the Finlandia University Lions in Hancock, Michigan.

Sains’ intention was to stay close to home, but the opportunity was too good to pass up.

“I really wanted to stay close to home, but it was the best opportunity for me for school and baseball. The coach really had a lot of good things to offer me so that was one of the really big things that went into my decision making,” he said.

“It’s going to be cold and there will be a lot of snow, but I’m used to that.”

In college, Sains will be moving to right field with the hope of helping his new squad improve after going 0-10 in 2020.

“The biggest thing for me right now is my arm and my reads off the bat. Hitting wise, I’m off and on, but that’s going to be getting better,” he said.

He has been playing baseball almost his entire life, dating back to his tee ball days.

“I’ve been playing baseball since I was probably 8 years old. Once I was in little league, I realized that was better at it than other sports I played. It just really stood out to me,” he said.

The Lions will basically be fielding a brand-new team next season under head coach Evan Brandt, which Sains believes will work in the team’s favor in the long run.

“We have 26 commits this year. Every four year, the coach does big recruiting camps. We’ll all be like a new team this year, which will be nice because we can all grow together,” he said.

Kole Marquez, who coached Sains the last four years and was a catcher at Miles Community College in Mile City, Montana, couldn’t be happier for his former player.

“It’s the best feeling. That’s why I signed up – to get these kids to the next level and get them an education and watch them experience something that I experienced. There aren’t a lot of people that get to experience that,” Marquez said.

“No. 1, I want him to go there for the right reasons and get good grades. If you go there and do that, everything else will fall into place, like getting in the gym to get bigger, stronger and faster. I think when he learns the mentality of a college baseball player, he’ll do very well at that level,” he said.

Marquez said it’s great to watch his players grow into men and develop as players.

“In those four years when they’re 15 and 16 years old and then come into being a 19 year old, you see them as a child and still growing into their body. It’s awesome to see them get bigger, faster, stronger, more mature, handle adversity differently,” he said.

Sains plans on studying sports management at Finlandia and hopes to one day get into engineering.

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