I want to ride my bicycle!

Sweetwater County offers plenty of outdoor activities to practice social distancing and still have fun, especially the bike trails scattered all over the county.

SWEETWATER COUNTY – Ready to get out of the house? Want to break a sweat? Have a knack for adventure?

Sweetwater County offers plenty of outdoor activities to practice social distancing and still have fun, especially the bike trails scattered all over the county.

Southwest Wyoming is a prime location for mountain biking thanks to the wide-open spaces and public lands.

The top location to ride a two-wheeler is the Wilkins Peak Trail System, which was voted as the No. 1 single track system in Wyoming by SingleTrackTrails.com.

“That is a big deal,” said Jenissa Meredith, the executive director of Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism. ““The mountain biking trails in Sweetwater County are truly world class. ! It is important to note that some of the trails within this system are for experts and can be overwhelming for families with young children.”

The trail offers scenic views of the distinctive landscape and different wildlife, which can be accessed on the southeastern side of Green River.

In addition to the Wilkins Peak Trail System, the Greenbelt Pathway in Green River is also a great place to get the legs moving and enjoy the sunshine.

Near the Greenbelt Pathway is the Green River Bike Park, which is designed to high quality recreational activity. It’s equipped with elevated trails, pump track, dirt jumps, rock drops and teeter totters.

“The Green River pump park and Greenbelt Pathway are incredible resources for people of all ages to explore and enjoy time together while social distancing from others in the fresh Wyoming air,” Meredith said.

To reach the bike park, take exit 91 on Interstate 80 in Green River. Merge onto Flaming Gorge Way and take the ramp onto Uinta Drive. Take a left on Monroe Avenue. Continue on until the road becomes a dirt road and enters Stratton-Myers Park. The bike park is located across the creek, just south of the parking lot.

Even if one is not ready to get out of the house, don’t worry. There are ways to enjoy the outdoors from home.

Virtual tours of Sweetwater County have been put on the website to allow people to wonder at the beauty of southwest Wyoming from their home. The virtual tours can be found at www.tourwyoming.com/explore/gallery.

Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism has also made an effort to combat the unemployment rate caused by the coronavirus by launching a job board, which lists available job opportunities in the area.

“The local hospitality and tourism industry, as well as many other industries, have taken a devastating hit during this time. This job board is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for those seeking employment assistance,” stated Meredith in a press release. “We want to be a resource to help connect the dots and meet local needs for residents during this time.”

To send employment opportunities, email Meredith at jmeredith@tourwyoming.com.

Information from www.tourwyoming.com/play/activities/mountain-biking and www.greenriverbikepark.com/Home.html was used for this article.

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