Making moves

Future Rock Springs freshman Kassidi Webb makes a moves against her defender.

ROCK SPRINGS – Dreams come true from hard work and dedication.

Future Rock Springs High School freshman Kassidi Webb is chasing her dream to play soccer at the collegiate level.

At 14 years old, Webb is already one of the top soccer players in Wyoming in her age group.

In January, she was invited to represent the state at the Olympic Development Program Region IX Championship in Phoenix, Arizona, along with 14 other girls from around the state.

In February, she traveled to Laramie to try out for a chance to represent Wyoming at the Olympic Development Program Region IX camp, which would’ve taken place in July in Portland, Oregon. However, the camp got canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Webb’s love for the game started when she was 4 years old.

“When I was younger, I liked the physical contact of it. I was an interesting child. I loved the teamwork of the sport and how you pass around the ball to get a good shot,” she said.

At the ODP Championship in Phoenix, Webb said that she learned a lot from the other players from all over the country – especially one of the teams from California.

“I learned I need to learn a lot harder. At one of them, we went against one of California’s top teams. Yes, we got beat badly because we’re from Wyoming. But the experience was amazing because I got to see people my age play that type of soccer,” she said.

“I would watch their touches on the ball and how controlled they were. I set more goals for myself and learned that I can’t stop trying to be better.”

Webb is working out daily to prepare for her high school debut, despite the challenges of the restrictions from the pandemic.

“In the beginning, I would do workouts in my room. I’d also go to the junior high to play soccer and get touches on the ball. Since the gyms have opened up, I’ve been going to Planet Fitness to get in shape a little bit more,” she said.

Her goal is to play soccer at the collegiate level and to do that, she has already set goals for herself for every year of high school.

“A goal I set for my freshman year is to just not let myself get down because there’s going to be better players on the team. I’m assuming I’m going to make the junior varsity team my freshman year. I just want to learn and watch from the varsity girls because we all practice together. I’m just going to try to keep my head up freshman year,” Webb said.

“For my sophomore year, my hope is to compete on the varsity team and to work hard every practice. For junior and senior years, I just plan on getting better to be the best I can.”

Her competitiveness drives her to continue to get better. She said she loves bragging to her sisters Jacey, Kayliegh and Mariah whenever she wins or beats them in something.

“I don’t like to lose,” she said.

Webb plays midfielder and defensive back for the most part.

In addition to competing for the Wyoming ODP squad, she has been playing for the Rock Springs Avengers since she was 8 years old and the Wyoming 307 select team more recently.

Webb said she can’t wait to begin her high school career and see where her soccer skills take her.

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