06-26-19 RS Sand Puppies standings.jpg

Jayce Coughlin of Rock Springs gets under the ball during a game earlier this year. Coughlin and the Sand Puppies are currently in fourth place in AA West standings.

AA West

Evanston Outlaws 14-13, 2-0

Casper Oilers 23-10-1

Jackson Giants 20-11-1

Rock Springs Archie Hay Post 24 12-20, 0-2

AA East

Cheyenne Post Six 30-13, 2-0

Sheridan Troopers 11-15

Laramie Rangers 11-20

Gillette Roughriders 45-12, 0-2

A West

Riverton Raiders 15-12, 3-1

Cody Cubs 26-7, 3-1

Green River Knights 13-14, 6-2

Powell Pioneers 5-11, 3-3

Lovell Mustangs 3-22-1, 0-8

A East

Cheyenne Hawks 20-8-1, 4-0

Gillette Rustlers, 17-22, 3-1

Douglas Cats 10-13, 4-2

Wheatland Lobos 9-13, 1-3

Torrington Tigers 3-13, 1-7

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